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Sweeping The Nation One Spore At A Time


In-door Air Quality Consultants (IAQ Consultants) is a full service mold testing, inspection, and remediation firm offering a better way to sanitize viral and bacterial organisms through our MEDI-MIST Program and Professional Mold Remediation services with offices in Northeast Ohio, Northwest Ohio, and Monroe Michigan. Our environment group was formed to fill a very specific need in the Real Estate market. However, after extensive research, we found the need was much greater. Turns out -- mold and bacteria is EVERYWHERE!

So, we investigated, studied, pestered, and became a royal pain to most of the area (and some national) environmental groups, Health departments, Infectious disease doctors, mold remediation contractors, product suppliers, and mold testing laboratories as It has become our quest to find, secure, and now offer you a better way to remediate, sanitize, and reduce mold or bacteria in a home, schools, or commercial setting.

Our Services Include:

  • The MEDI-MIST Decontamination Program - including Viral and Bacterial Decontamination for Homes, Schools, Hotels, Workout Facilities, Public Meeting Places, Churches, Movie Theatres, and the Work Environments.

  • Complete Mold Testing with Laboratory Results

  • Complete Mold Assessment, Evaluation and Inspection Services

  • MEDI-MIST Seal
  • Professional Mold Remediation Services

  • Clearance Testing with Laboratory Results

  • HVAC Duct Cleaning and including Aerosolized Sanitization

  • In-Door Air Quality Assessments

  • Odor Control and Elimination

In-Door Air Quality Consultants (IAQC) standards of practice meet or exceed:

  • EPA Guidelines,

  • Local, State, & Government Guidelines,

  • Professional & Environmental Associations Guidelines

In-door Air Quality Consultants can even help eliminate or reduce mold growth from construction materials in newly built or under construction homes, reduce odors in a home, and sanitize medical facilities and public meeting places. We contracts with school systems, hotel chains, churches, daycare centers, and work out facilities to sanitize any surface that may harbor viral and bacterial diseases. Our MEDI-MIST school program routinely sanitizes and decontaminates school locker rooms, wrestling mats, drinking fountains, tables, school busses, and any area when child come in contact with and bacteria can grow. We also contract with building contractors to apply a "mold inhibitor" coating on the wood frame members before wall coverings are installed.

We offer full contact services (I.E.: Physical Wipe Down, Contaminated Surface Removal and Sterilization, Hepa Filter Vacuum Scrubbing, and HVAC Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing), as well as non-contact services (I.E.: MEDI-MIST a non-contact Aerosolized Bacterial Treatment, Airborne Mold Reduction, In-Door Air Filtration, and Surface Sanitizing by Atomization, Area Fog and Direct FogTreatments).

Hold on, the best part is still coming...

Through our very thorough research (we stole all the best ideas and combined them into one), IAQ Consultants has designed a process that is very inexpensive and every bit as effective as contractors charging 2, 3 or even up to 5 times as much for the same results.

Wait!    Let me repeat that -- it sounds vaguely important.

In-door Air Quality Consultants has designed a process that is very inexpensive and every bit as effective as contractors charging 2, 3 or even up to 5 times as much for the same results. However, there is no one set price, but I can guarantee IAQ prices will be lower for the exact same service. Our services are quick, clean, and painless.


Charles D. Kester / President - In-Door Air Quality Consultants

Mold Testing & Remediation - IAQ Consultants

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